First match in Tokyo called off due to COVID

2 years ago 2017

The precise archetypal lucifer of the Olympic formation volleyball tourney has been cancelled due to the fact that a Czech subordinate tested affirmative for COVID-19.

Marketa Slukova tested affirmative earlier this week, knocking her and spouse Barbora Hermannova retired of the Tokyo Games.

Marketa Slukova, right, and spouse partner Barbora Hermannova. (Getty)

The Czechs were expected to beryllium playing a squad from the big state that would person been making its Olympic debut. Instead, the Japanese brace of Megumi Murakami and Miki Ishii earned the triumph by default.

Slukova is 1 of astatine slightest 3 members of the Czech squad who person tested affirmative since their accomplishment successful Japan, including men's formation volleyball subordinate Ondřej Perušič.

The squad has said it's investigating if the outbreak of COVID-19 is linked to its charter formation to Tokyo.



German cyclist Simon Geschke has been ruled retired of the men's roadworthy contention aft investigating affirmative for the coronavirus.

The German squad says Geschke initially tested affirmative Friday and his effect was confirmed by different trial aboriginal successful the day.

Germany says chap riders Nikias Arndt and Maximilian Schachmann are cleared to contention Saturday. The 4th rider connected the team, Emanuel Buchmann, was Geschke's roommate and was waiting overnight connected the effect of different PCR trial for the virus. Team unit tested negative.

Geschke was a signifier victor connected the Tour de France successful 2015.

The German roadworthy contention squad is surviving successful a edifice and not successful the Olympic Village.

Geschke says helium followed the hygiene rules astatine the Olympics. He adds that "I consciousness good physically but emotionally it's a truly unspeakable time for me."

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